Logo Designs

Blank Publications


My first, and to this day, one of my best logo designs. It's simple and bold and recognizable. And it's my company. Blank Publications started as the encompasing name of the humor (sort of) magazine which i published while at Earlham College. The title of the magazine changed with every issue, so we needed a name that could go on the post office box. Since the title was a sort of "fill in the blank" kind of name, i decided to go with Blank. When i moved to Albuquerque and applied for a businees license to do freelance artwork, i named the biz Blank Publications and i've had it ever since.

Dos Hermanos


Logo for the Albuquerque restaurant Dos Hermanos. Used on business cards, menus, ads, signs, caps, mugs, cups, and T-shirts. The owners wanted a more graphic look instead of the woodcut look of their previous logo.

Siren Interactive


The company i used to work for, owned by my sister-in-law, needed a new logo. The in-house designer was working on one, and after many revisions we were about to go with his design, but i had never felt it to be a great design, so i called my friend Debi Kline, who's a designer with Signal Creative and asked her to come up with a few ideas. She sent me a page of digital sketches and ideas, and from one of them i got the idea for this design. I presented it to my boss, she loved it, the old design was canned, and we went with this one. Cool.



I've been helping out with graphics for NQuit CDs for a few years and they wanted a new logo. I like this one because it's very versatile. It can be used in a variety of colors and backgrounds and it'll still look the same.

Microbial Insights


I was toying around with a bunch of ideas for this logo when Katie Somerville suggested flipping the m around. That worked. Good solid logo design, if i do say so myself.



Charlie got in touch with me on a Saturday and said that he was going live with the Ultiworld website the next day. I came up with 4 or 5 designs and we went with this one. I was never fully satisfied with it, but it worked.