Hashtag Wars

I am a fan of the show @Midnight and have been watching it since near its beginning. Every night they have a "Hashtag War," where the comedians on the panel riff on some weird mashup of things and there's a "Tweet Of The Day" from the previous show's hashtag war, submitted by some random anonymous twitter follower of the @Midnight Twitter feed.

I always wanted to participate in this, but having a full-time job and no TV reception meant that i would watch the previous night's show when i got home from work in the afternoon, making any tweet i might submit to the hashtag wars far too late to be considered.

After i quit my job at the end of March, 2016, i realized that i could now partake in the hashtag wars since i could watch the show when i got up in the morning. Of course, all of my tweets disappeared into the maelstrom of other's tweets and were never seen by any staff at @Midnight because it was pre-dawn in California. Oh well.

But i kept tweeting, and occasionally i'd get a like or two from someone. Sometimes i'd find myself wide awake in the middle of the night and i'd look up the hashtag from that night's show, letting me tweet when California might still be awake. The danger of this is that i was tweeting without having seen the show, so sometimes i'd come up with a good tweet that had already been said by one of the comedians on the show. Embarrassing, but, i dunno, great minds think alike?

Anyway, here's all my Hashtag War tweets, by month and day. Share and enjoy.