Jeff Smith

Fone Bone is a Pogo-esque character who, along with his cousins Smiley Bone and Phoney Bone (that's Phoncipal P. Bone to you, buddy) wander into a magical valley and their presence kicks into motion a series of important events. This is a very well drawn and well thought out comic book which completes its wonderful story in 3 arcs over 55 issues. I was wandering through the magazine aisle of the local supermarket at about 3:00 AM a couple years ago and the cover of issue #3 caught my eye as being very different from the super-hero action brooding fight everybody type of comic. I bought that issue and got hooked, and that got me going to comic book stores, where i became interested in a couple other titles...


Jhonen Vasquez

Jhonen (i dunno how it's pronounced) is the creator of "Johnny the Homicidal Manic" which i haven't gotten into, but i liked his four issue outing with Squee, a bright but tortured little kid who has nightmares about aliens and bedbugs and has to have dinner over at the Devil's house, but somehow manages to survive in the end. Very witty writing, although a little bit into the dark psychological type comic books in the drawing style. The collected issues are out in a trade paperback now.

Roswell: Little Green Man

Bill Morrison

Bill is one of the principal artists for the "Betty and Veronica" comic books, so he doesn't get to put out Roswell as much as i'd like. I think that it's on a 6-month schedule, although it's been years since number 4 came out. It's drawn in much the same style as the archie comics (i like clean drawing), but it's about a little green man who survived a crash landing on planet earth in 1947 near the town of...

Bill recently was art director for the TV series "Futurama".


Roman Dirge

This busts my gut. Lenore is a sweet little dead girl.

The Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius

Judd Winick

Great writing, great drawing, great plots, and a healthy dose of filthy language. What more could one want?

Harry Potter and ...

J.K. Rowling

I have never read a better series of books. Really. These books have hooked me completely. It takes me back to when i was a kid reading "The Lord of The Rings" every night. Excellent.