I read a lot of graphic novels and up to this point have not included them in my READING area. From here on, i'll add them in as well.


Leila Del Duca & Kit Seaton


Beautiful, magical. It's a simple story of travel and discovery set in an African-like desert with visions of other planets and societies spread throughout.

Serenity: Better Days

And Other Stories

Joss Whedon / Brett Matthews / Will Conrad


I loved Firefly and Serenity and i like that the series is continued in comic form. These stories are always interesting and it's fun to imagine the actors' voices saying the printed lines, but the pacing on these comics is always a little off. Too much happens too fast on each page, and it's sometimes a struggle to figure out what's going on. But, i do like the fact that there's no explanation—the reader is expected to know how this universe works (and i do).

Strong Female Protagonist

Book One

Brennan Lee Mulligan


I do love strong female protagonists and i bought this book because i like the illustrator, Molly Ostertag. I didn't know anything about this book (it's a web comic series) but was so impressed by the complex characters and the depth of storytelling in the "superhero" trope. Really impressive.

Motor Girl

Real Life

No Man Left Behind

Terry Moore


I picked up the first half of this comic series in a comic shop in Troy, NY because it looked interesting. Bought the second half as soon as it came out. Really inventive and powerful. The ending was a little bit as i suspected but that didn't diminish the power of the story.


The Boy Who Crashed To Earth

Saving The Whole Wide World

The Great Big Boom

Waking The Monsters

Judd Winick


I binged on this series when i discovered it in 2017. I've always loved the work of Judd Winick and was happy to find that he was still creating great fun and funny stories. This chapter was just as good as the rest, but ended with a cliffhanger that i now have to wait a year to resolve! Arrgh!

Manhattan Projects

Volumes 1 – 4

Jonathan Hickman


I had read the 4-issue series of Manhattan Projects comics called "Sun Beyond the Stars," then bought Manhattan Projects Volume 1 at a comic shop in Try, NY. After i read that, i bought volumes 2-4. It's an intricately-drawn and weird series about all of the scientists, generals, and nuclear physicists involved in the early days of nuclear power, except that they're dealing with aliens and other worlds and internal out-of-space-time personality struggles. Strange, gory, and kinda cool, but all the characters are men. The tagline is "Science. Bad."

Clem Hetherington and the Ironwood Race

Jen Breach


I entered a giveaway online and was surprised one day to receive this book in the mail from Scholastic. Except that the book that i got was a proof version and only the first dozen-or-so pages were colorized. The rest were just line-art, but that was pretty cool. I subsequently bought the final product in full color.

I wanted to like this book more than i did though. The plot just seemed stapled together. Clem and her robot friend enter a no-rules road-warrior-type desert race where all the competitors tear off to find some historic artifacts, but why they have to all race for it seems kinda pointless. The final printed version of this had the number 1 on the spine, so maybe there'll be more books that either get better or explain things better.

Giants Beware!

Dragons Beware!

Monsters Beware!

Jorge Aguirre


I bought Giants Beware! at a comic book store in July of 2016 and i thought that it was a one-off book, but discovered in early 2018 that there were two more. They all center on the heroine, Claudette, who wants to go to battle with giants, dragons, and monsters but is held back by her father and the people of her village. She manages to get out and fight them anyway, and succeeds mostly through teamwork, luck, and cleverness than actual fighting. The setting is quasi-medieval times, but the language is modern, which makes it interesting. Highly recommended.