Black & White Photography

Black and White Photography


These are all of the mounted pictures from my intro to photography class at Earlham. (These are the ones that i felt were worthy of actually mounting at the time.) They're in a vague order of when i took them, but from memory, 19 years later, so...

One of my first pics. I always thought that there wasn't enough contrast, but Dick Rogers, my photo teacher, seemed to love it.

I think that he overanalyzed this picture, talking about the composition and softness and any background "meaning" in it. Really, i just liked the shot, stopped, took it, but who knows, maybe my subconscious was working more than i thought.

Energee Diesel. I took this on one of my wander-around-Richmond-looking-for-pictures outings. I think that Sue Lewis was with me that day.

This survey marker is on the big rock in the center of the Earlham campus. There's no elevation marked on it though.

I feel bad about this picture.

I was biking around Richmond looking for shots to take for the class. I rode into this housing project and these kids were there playing. I asked them if i could take their pictures, and they readily agreed. I can't remember if i told them that i'd bring them copies or not, but i fully intended to. Well, no matter what excuses i can think of, i never did it, and i still feel guilty about it.

Is this you? Do you know these kids? This was taken in 1985 on the west side of Richmond, IN. If you know either of these kids, send me an email.

The front entrance to Carpenter Hall. I was standing between the reflections in the door panes. I overexposed this so that the door frame would come out completely white.

The railings in a line for a ride at King's Island amusement park near Cincinnati.

Part of the faux Eiffel Tower at King's Island.

I took this picture while waiting in line for "The Beast" roller coaster at King's Island. What i like about it is that these two people are just about to kiss and the shapes of all the other people around them (all looking away) form a heart right around them.

This is the faux Eiffel Tower at King's Island. I think that it was something like a quarter- or half-second exposure, hand held. (I took a lot of pictures that day.)

One of my favorite shots. I took this looking straight down from the big swing on the campus. I wasn't the one who left the orange peel there.

Kirsten Anderson on the phone in Barrett Hall. I was walking through the dorm and saw her there and i liked the lighting and moved in to take this picture. She didn't react to me being there at all, which made for a good shot. This one came out really cool in the printed photo. The JPEG image doesn't do it justice.

You could get really close to the squirrels at Earlham. I was just curious as to how close i could get. This was taken with a normal 35mm camera lens, NOT a zoom.

Self-portrait. Every time i've acquired a new camera, one shot on the first roll is of myself. This one happened to coincide with a self-portrait assignment for the class. I ended up using this shot as part of my senior picture in the yearbook.