Team Orange


September 13, 2012

Charlie asked me to write an article for the fledgling Ultiworld website and i wrote a five-piece examination of Observers who volunteer their time and skills to USA Ultimate.

A Year of Points

Moss Motoring

November 9, 2016

I had finished participating in the Moss Motoring Challenge and wrote up a summary of the year i spent driving around in my Mini, accruing points.

A Review of Kevin Cramer's Universe Point


August 29, 2017

I read this book and decided to write a review, which Charlie posted.

The Last Nice Day

Moss Motoring

October 23, 2017

David Stuursma of Moss had asked me if i wanted to write something for the magazine. On election day, 2016, i formed the idea of this story while driving my Mini around to do some errands. It was edited down a little bit.

Toleration Statue

Atlas Obscura

December 1, 2017

While visiting my parents in Philadelphia i checked to see if the Toleration statue along the Wissahickon Creek was listed on Atlas Obscura. It wasn't, so i took a bunch of pictures and emailed some people connected to the Philadelphia Parks and Water departments. What i wrote and submitted to the site was edited somewhat, but the bulk of it is mine.